I have always been interested in financial markets and investments. I consider asset management as one of the best and most challenging industries for my personal development and achievements in order to attain my career goals. That is why I chose to follow the traineeship programme at NN Investment Partners.

On the one hand, the programme itself offers the unique opportunity for graduates like me, to enter the asset management industry and do a rotational programme within a dynamic and challenging environment. The traineeship enables me to develop within different areas of asset management and master my analytical, communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and experts in the field, and work on real projects that support the NN Investment Partners’ investment strategies.

On the other hand, the programme offers an invaluable work experience. This is a company with a multicultural mind-set, where you can work with many highly experienced professionals in the industry . In addition, the flat hierarchy of this organisation allows me to reach people at all levels and I can constantly learn from their extensive experiences. This makes my development process always efficient and exciting.