My choice to pursue a career in asset management stems from a natural interest in business and financial markets, and was especially spurred when I read my first investment book seven years ago. From that moment onwards, I started focusing on investment management: the industry and the key players. I believe that the responsibility of being close to our clients’ money where your decisions really have an impact, and the daily interaction with the markets, coupled with working with experienced professionals, are only a few of the many benefits that working for an asset manager brings you.

Starting a career in this dynamic industry is not easy. I believe the first years of your career are very important to lay the foundation for future success. For me, after completing my studies, I realised that there was still a lot of room and need to develop both my technical and soft skills, to be able to grow into a specialist role. This traineeship offers me the opportunity to do so in an ambitious s environment where you can interact with some of the best investment professionals in the industry.My first assignment of my rotational programme was within the Equity Research department, more specifically within the Financials team. During this rotation, I was involved in writing investment cases for Asian insurance companies and had the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day activities of the team and my manager, including analyst and company meetings and attending conferences. The assignment gave me a good insight into the equity markets, our company’s investment process and all the aspects related to fundamental stock analysis. Combined with great support and coaching from my direct manager and other colleagues within the team and the department, this rotation was a very positive and valuable experience .

My impression of NN Investment Partners before joining the company has largely been confirmed in my first six months in the Young Talent Programme already. This is a relatively flat organisation that besides investing the money of our clients, also invests heavily in its young professionals. It is safe to say that I have not met a single person yet that was not willing to help me out with a question or a problem I had, which means that besides the training programmes and workshops, you also receive very valuable advice from all the experienced people around you. Of course, the work is demanding and expectations are high, but if you are the kind of person that gets energised from challenges and opportunities, this traineeship is the right programme for you.