I have worked for several financial institutions before joining NN Investment Partners. After working for a bank, an insurance company and even a Dutch financial authority, I chose  asset management and NN Investment Partners, in particular as the next step in my career because of the dynamic and professional environment you work in.

The asset management industry is very competitive and you constantly feel the urge to be at your best, in order to find the best solution for your client. We, at NN Investment Partners are one of the few Dutch-based investment managers active in the Netherlands and we are very ambitious. We always partner with our clients and constantly listen to their financial needs to be able to provide them with the best solutions. This also involves a careful consideration and an evaluation of the financial markets, which I find very motivating to keep you updated with the latest trends and to make you job more dynamic.

I believe that our Dutch heritage and the fact that we are closely co-operating with our Insurance colleagues at NN Group have allowed us to be on top of our competition and to understand clearly our Dutch customers. One of the great examples of projects was the launch of our online platforms FitVermogen and FitVoorLater where our customers can directly manage and prepare their stable financial future.

However the contact with clients is not the only drive that I have to come to work every day. NN Investment Partners is a place where you work with knowledgeable and  energetic people who are experts in their field. These types of colleagues allow me to feel secure during projects because I know that we can leverage on each other’s unique talents, and thus develop a successful product.

Nevertheless, it is never only about work in our organization. The company strongly supports sport communities as well. For instance,  I am regularly cycling with my colleagues. Since our last participation as a group from NN Investment Partners in Alpe d’huzes, our team was definitely motivated to train and sign up for more tours during the calendar year. Since 2015, NN Group is also a sponsor of large running events in the Netherlands: the City-Pier-City in The Hague and the Rotterdam Marathon.