When I started looking for a job, asset management was not my first industry of choice. However, I am an open-minded person who enjoys a challenge and I really appreciate the opportunity that I have received from NN Investment Partners. The organization has a very open and change-driven culture, which in a combination with the competitive industry becomes a place where my personality fits.

Quality data is an important asset in the investment management industry for both, internal decision making as well as in communication to clients and regulators. Providing the right information at the right time to the right stakeholders is key to our success. As a Data Architect, my job is about giving direction where and how the information, demanded by regulators and clients, needs to be made available in our landscape. Together with my team, we are functioning as a bridge between the business and technology. This can be very challenging and working with the right people makes it a success. I am lucky to work with international colleagues from the different Business Lines, who are open-minded, hardworking and intelligent. In such an environment, we can always share our experiences and learn from each other.