Investment management might not look like the most typical industry for an Information Technology specialist. Technology, however, is a key component in an organization like NN Investment Partners. In the past 5 years alone, the company has invested heavily in state of the art investment, middle office and accounting platforms which make our IT capability a true asset for our organization. To be successful though, our team needs technology professionals with precision, creativity, an eye for detail and overall quality.

There is a saying that we use in NN Investment Partners: we are big enough to deliver, small enough to care. This is a motto truly fitting the work of Technology, because each expert in the team can make a difference within the organization and for our clients. For instance, through our online platform FitVermogen and FitVoorLater, our retail customers depend upon a stable and user-friendly environment which can help them to build their financial futures by directly investing in our fund range. All members of Technology play an important role in ensuring this is always the case.

Within my programme, Core, we have engendered good engagement with the Front Office and Operations departments to find and implement new innovations and tools to give them a competitive advantage. This effort is spearheaded by our business analysts and project managers, and this is an area where we are always looking to find new talent to maintain this positive engagement.

If I have to describe the working atmosphere in NN Investment Partners, I have to highlight that the people you work with are the key to making the environment successful, challenging and enjoyable. A typical colleague is educated, highly motivated and driven to achieve results. At NN Investment Partners, people are eager to learn and improve. Further, there is a nice mix between Dutch and international colleagues which helps provide a wide range of ideas and viewpoints, and in general makes for an interesting and dynamic workplace.