A couple of years ago, I decided to transfer to the NN Investment Partners office in The Hague from the local business unit in Australia. This has proven to be a decision that I am very happy with. The company and my colleagues supported me through the initial period of cultural adjustment to The Netherlands. NN Investment Partners has a strong Dutch heritage and at the same time it is a very internationally-oriented and open organization that values diversity. It offers expats like me a quick integration to the local culture, through the provision of Dutch language courses, while also putting me in contact with other expats in the organization who have been through the experience.

I really enjoy working for NN Investment Partners, here you have the opportunity to work with experts in the investment management industry from all over the world. I am very fortunate to work with a group of friendly, professional people, who are dedicated to their roles and help to create a stimulating environment to work in. For me this leads to an environment that creates trust and ensures that partnering with colleagues from different teams leads to providing clients with the optimal product and service for their needs.

At NN Investment Partners, we have a strong winning-team mentality. In the Multi Asset team, we cooperate closely with our colleagues from other departments within the organization, in order to offer and develop the best products. Depending on the project, we also frequently partner with the international offices. Recently, we finished a cross-country project between the businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. I believe that the reason our work was a success was the partnership between us, as co-workers, and between NN Investment Partners and our distributors. I really enjoy this style of collaborative working. Not only because it allows us to have a real understanding of the clients’ wishes, and develop an investment and marketing strategy that meets their needs, but also develops a much deeper understanding of our own organization.