NN Investment Partners is a company that values pro-activeness, ambition and employees that take initiative to get things done. The management style allows for freedom to choose what projects interest you the most. What I like the most is that I have the opportunity to make a difference for our clients and the organization. The company encourages you to grow beyond your current skill-set, but you also need to have the drive to grasp the opportunities.

In Risk Management, our work attitude is getting the job done, together, in the right way. The job is complex and thus, a true intellectual challenge for Risk Managers, because it offers a good combination of applying hands-on approach to complicated tasks, without focusing too much on hierarchy within the team and the organization. At NN Investment Partners, we have a good mix of people with international and Dutch background. People here are friendly, open and result-oriented. This working environment allows you to get insights and ideas from many different perspectives.

Within Risk Management, the client is at the heart of what we do, even though we are not in direct contact with them. Investment management is an industry where you need to carefully think of all risks, in order to make the right decision what to do and what not to do. We always think about the clients and what will be the right amount of risk for them.