At NN Investment Partners I find the perfect combination between Dutch mentality and international scope. Working in our organization gives you the opportunity to exercise your tasks in a less hierarchical and very entrepreneurial environment, which is quite typical for a Dutch based organization. This gives the opportunity for people to develop themselves and already get important responsibilities early on in their careers. On the other hand, NN Investment Partners is an international-oriented company active in 16 countries. This makes the daily job always interesting, as you need to be on top of the world news, the latest trends and any other sort of information that may influence our investments. Moreover, the company has a great population of international people. To give an example, in my team of 24 people we already have 8 different nationalities. This diversity of cultural backgrounds helps us gain better and differentiated insights on our investments, making us better investors.

Furthermore, NN Investment Partners is a company where you can work with a wide variety of clients. For instance, institutional investors, retails clients or our parent company NN. As an analyst I focus on the needs of our internal clients as well as on meeting the expectations of the external customers. In daily practice, this means making sure that the investment ideas we come up with in my team, actually fit the profile of what the client is looking for. Finding the best stocks picks for our client portfolios is a result of the successful partnership between analysts and portfolio managers.

However, we are frequently on the search for new talent. When we look for a new analyst, we look for a couple of key competencies. Firstly, you have to be curious and enjoy learning new things, like learning about the latest gadgets or maybe the latest technology in the mining industry. Secondly, you have to be able to handle the decision making process. At NN Investment Partners, an analyst needs to be able to support and give a clear advice to a portfolio manager. Thirdly, your communication skills are key because you do not only need to come up with good investment ideas, but you also need to be able to communicate those well to portfolio managers and convince them to follow your advice. Fourthly, we are looking for people that are entrepreneurial by nature and can set their own agenda, but at the same time also be efficient team players. And last but not least, we want to see passion for investing. We are looking for people who are willing to go the extra mile to be the best and outperform the competition.