I have always had an interest in the dynamics of financial markets. Hence, pursuing career in asset management was the natural professional path for me. This is a very competitive environment that pushes you to develop and perform well. You are always stimulated to explore new ideas, to challenge existing views and adapt to the dynamics of the field.

Since day one, the Traineeship appealed to me with the wide variety of opportunities that it offers me as a young professional. You  have an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience not only in asset management, but also in Sales, Operations, Product Management and other areas. This programme allows you to develop a truly versatile professional background. In addition, gaining working experience in a company such as NN Investment Partners really keeps me motivated. This is  a welcoming organization with a very open culture, where everyone is encouraged to develop both personally and professionally and your opinion as an employee is valued. This creates a favourable environment for growth.

The traineeship programme of NN Investment Partners offers various opportunities for assignments, which you can choose based on your personal interests and the advice from experienced professionals in the industry. For instance, one of my assignments was within the Treasury team, which involved managing cash and liquidity for the company’s fund range.

What I like the most about my overall experience during this traineeship is that my learning opportunities are not limited by my assignments – I have always been encouraged to ask questions, to meet with colleagues from different departments and to learn more about the company and investment management in general. Though my challenge is that I have four rotations during the traineeship and there are too many exciting assignments to work on.