NN Investment Partners is an international-oriented company in which client centricity is key. The organization is always looking for best practices to implement, so we as a team can improve the customer experience and the results for our clients. Every individual, regardless their position in the organization, contributes to the success of the company.

As a HR professional, we are often referred to as a Business Partner, because we do much more than advising the management on HR topics. We partner with the business as a whole, in order to create and implement the best solutions. I can experience the international work environment not only by the fact that my work with experts from all over the world, but also that the scope of my work may reach beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Here you will work with people who are professional, responsible, hardworking, open-minded and willing to go the extra mile. Colleagues are treated with respect and their expertise is valued.

One of the characteristics that I like the most in this company is that senior management is approachable and the organization is flat. Since the client is at the heart of our work, management wants to be aware of all details regarding decisions that may and can impact the financial futures of our customers. However, employees are empowered to manage their own tasks and responsibilities. In order to give them this freedom, management has very clear expectations of every colleague, by setting targets and having regular meetings. To grow as an expert in your field, further development in both professional and personal aspects is always encouraged.