NN Investment Partners is organized along a boutique structure. An investment boutique consists of a group of departments focused on a comparable set of asset classes or investment strategies. Examples are Multi-Asset, Emerging Markets, and Credit. I work for the Insurance Investments boutique, which focusses on our biggest clients, the in-house insurance companies, generally known under the name NN. Our boutique is therefore an exception in NN Investment Partners, as we are organised on a client basis and not an investment strategy.

I am an investor in mortgage loans. In a day I can work on a variety of tasks from co-developing a model to stress a portfolio and negotiating a contract with a counterparty, to executing a transaction. Being a portfolio manager is a very social job. My work touches many disciplines within the organization – from Finance and Risk to the call center at the counterparty which directly communicates with our mortgage clients.

The structure of our organisation allows for professionals from different boutiques and Business Lines to work together towards a shared goal and exceed expectations. Therefore, you can work with excellent experts in the field of asset management, from all over the world, which also results in a high professional learning curve. In my case, I work closely with the balance sheet management team who determines the optimal allocation to asset classes within the limits set by our clients. I am also constantly in touch with colleagues working on other asset classes for the same client, which allows us to cooperate very easily and achieve the best performance for our client.

To be part of a winning team, you need to develop the skills necessary to feel comfortable in such an environment. NN Investment Partners is an organization motivating and supporting employees to take part in exciting projects that lead to both personal and professional development. For instance, one of these opportunities is the Mirror Board, a group of selected, enthusiastic colleagues who advice the International Management Committee of the company on strategic topics. This project allows senior management to receive fresh new perspective and input on subjects relevant to all colleagues in the organization. In addition, I am also a traineeship buddy, which means that I help a young professional within the organization in his/her career development by sharing my professional experiences and always being available for a discussion or any type of question.

My participation in the Mirror Board and the traineeship program have allowed me to broaden my horizon and be active in something separate from my daily job. These are great opportunities for me to know more about the business, get insights into what is happening in other parts of the financial markets, to network, be visible and assist in developing an exciting environment for young professionals in the company.