As a Senior Product Manager, I work in a team who develop and manage the products of NN Investment Partners. We are a client-focused organization, and as such, the customers are not only leading our Sales activities, but they also guide the design of (new) products. In our domain, the client is in the center of each business case. We always aim to provide the optimal product proposition that would fit the customer’s best interests for a fair value. In Product Management, we are also regularly assessing our products, services and sales practices, in order to meet our customer’s needs throughout the entire investment life cycle. The key to our success, however, is that we strive to be clear by working transparently. For us, it is very important to explain the risks, returns and costs of our products and services in an practical manner.

I have been working for NN Investment Partners for several years, already. What I like the most in my job is not only the client-centric culture, but also the fact that I can work on many interesting projects. I am part of a team who has successfully worked on several key projects for our organization, including our rebranding to NN Investment Partners. This was a challenging task because within Product Management, we had to review products, change prospectus, legal documentation for the renaming of our funds. However, the constant interaction and alignment with colleagues, experts in their fields in Sales, Investments, Legal and Operations, and the team work are the factors that make such an important project, a success.

To be able to be productive and enjoy the environment at NN Investment Partners, a person needs to have the natural need for personal and professional development. The company is always fully prepared to offer development opportunities to each employee, tailored to their needs. There are different programmes for high value specialists available – from a managerial track to knowledge trainings. Most of these courses are offered by our Academy and give you the opportunity to network and exchange experience with colleagues from different teams and business lines.

It is in our culture to celebrate successes together. The working environment is extremely friendly and people are welcoming, open and active. Internal informal events are organized several times a year and we also participate in sport events, like the City-Pier-City run in the Hague and the Rotterdam Marathon together, as a team which contribute to the pleasant atmosphere.