As an asset manager, we at NN Investment Partners, make sure that the money of our clients is well managed according to their needs and preferences. Hence, we develop investment solutions for retail clients, insurance companies or large institutional clients. For us as an organization partnership plays an important part in our work. In our Belgian office we regularly sit together with our distributors and brainstorm over what their end clients really want and need. For instance, an important question that we need to answer is what do they need to prepare their pension or what do they need to build up a capital for their children. If our distributors’ clients are happy, our clients are happy too.

Working in one of the international offices of NN Investment Partners, however can be challenging. Like in every multinational company, it is important to stay connected to the Headquarters office in The Hague. I work in the Brussels office, which is not that far away, but still you need modern technology to be able to communicate as easy as possible within the organization. And we have this modern technology at NN Investment Partners. I regularly make use of our social platform called SAM, our live chat and video conferencing tools.