From an early age, I have a fascination with the financial markets. How they work, how they react to human sentiment. In my field of work (advising pension fund boards on their investment policy), there is the added challenge of explaining your analysis or advice to people who do not work with policies daily and have a much broader set of responsibilities than just the theoretically optimal investment policy. This combination of a highly technical field, which cannot be captured fully in models and explaining this complex subject in understandable words to your client, is what I like most about my job at NN Investment Partners and the asset management industry, in general.

There is never a boring day working when working for NN Investment Partners. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is to choose what to focus on, when there are too many interesting initiatives within the organization that you can pick up. There are days when I have no appointments and can work on an analysis, a presentation or improve the models that I already use. However, there are also times when I meet clients to explain the investment policy we work with or present an advice. These are usually the times days that are packed with meetings. This combination of conducting in-depth analysis and working together with my colleagues to deliver a good proposition to our clients is what makes me come to work every day.

Next to my individual responsibilities and tasks, I also really enjoy the energy of my colleagues, who focus on attracting new clients and serving our existing clients to the best of their abilities. Different types of people work at NN Investment Partners. Some are more introvert and enjoy working on models and others are much more extrovert and enjoy being outside working with the customers. I truly believe that the mutual appreciation between colleagues and the team effort to offer the best solutions to our clients are the features that make our company work.