I chose to build a career in the asset management industry because this is a fast moving business that motivates people to constantly enhance their knowledge and professional abilities. Working for NN Investment Partners has been a great experience. This is an organization that not only offers you the environment to develop a diverse skillset, but is also a place where the opinion and motivation of a young professional are valued.

Being part of the Traineeship is an exciting experience for me, since I have always valued the opportunity to choose my own career path from an early stage. This programme gives young professionals such as myself the chance to take on different roles within the asset management value chain and then ultimately decide where they want to build a career. Finally, the open and relatively non-hierarchical culture at NN Investment Partners and the high exposure profile of the traineeship gives me the opportunity to pro-actively engage with senior management and learn from professionals with decade-long experience.

The company is organized around investment boutiques which are responsible for different asset classes. This structure gives freedom to decision makers to exercise judgement and encourages an innovative mind-set in teams. This spirit of independence also affects junior team members who are constantly challenged and may have a significant impact on  the decision making process of their department. In my particular case, as part of a rotation, I was investigating the attractiveness of Factor Investing and Smart Beta equity strategies. I had the freedom to develop an unbiased opinion on the topic and upon completion, my project had a material effect on the overall strategy of my department, which was clearly an invaluable experience.

I firmly believe that  this traineeship will enhance my overall knowledge of the investment management industry, which will significantly benefit my future professional specialization.