Part 5: About the interviews

The moment Aleksandar received his first invitation for an interview at NN Investment Partners was very exciting. He was ready to impress and demonstrate why his personality matched the trainee profile. In this blog, you can read more about his experience and check his tips for those preparing to go through the same process.

‘I was really excited to receive my first interview invitation because it meant that my efforts to develop a good CV and cover letter paid off. I realized that I had to prepare very well,  because I wanted to show the best of myself.’

‘Even though it is about a year ago, I can still remember my interviews at NN Investment Partners. One thing I will never forget, is the opportunity I got to meet with professionals from different business lines and seniority levels. As a recent graduate, it was a bit nerve-racking, but very interesting to go through several rounds of interviews; during these meetings, I had the chance to present myself and my ideas in front of department heads and even the Chief Investment Officer. Thorough preparation for every step of the process is key. If you truly want to be offered a position on the NN Investment Partners’ traineeship programme, you have to give your best and convince everyone you are the candidate they are looking for. Trust me, you do not want to stand in front of the CIO unprepared.’

Interview tips

‘One can never be absolutely sure about what questions to receive during interviews. You can however prepare  for some standard ones in advance. You can always expect  questions such as: why did you  apply for this traineeship programme or, why do you think a career in asset management is a good opportunity for you? Next to that, an elevator pitch about yourself – who you are and what makes you the best candidate – is a must to prepare, as these are questions that a candidate should be able to answer immediately. For me, it demonstrates two things: strong motivation and clear drive to get the job.’

‘NN Investment Partners is a company with an entrepreneurial spirit, where people with a hands-on and no-nonsense attitude are appreciated. Ambition  drives employees forward and helps them to constantly improve whatever they do. Everyone’s ideas, even those of juniors and trainees matter, which is  why you have to be critical and think in solutions. Your hard skills matter, but your personality even more. If I could give you one tip only on how to prepare for the interview, it would be: be confident, show what you can do and why you fit  the company. Good luck!’

Thank you for following Aleksandar’s story! As he will be enjoying a well-deserved vacation very soon, his fellow trainee Federico Chiastra will be sharing next his traineeship experience from our office in Brussels. Already curious? You will have to wait for the next blog in the series.

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