Part 4: How to write a winning cover letter

The application process is never complete without a good cover letter. In this week’s blog, Aleksandar tells us more about the format of the letter he used to complement his CV.

‘The motivation letter is definitely the tool  you can use to differentiate yourself  from others’ Aleksandar explains. ‘When applying for the traineeship I knew I had only one shot to showcase my passion, no-nonsense attitude and aspirations. Here comes the challenging part – how to achieve that?’

‘There are two important pillars of a cover letter – structure and content’, continues Aleksandar. ‘I started with reviewing the description of the programme. Sometimes, even the company’s values can help. Based on what the organization was looking for, I started listing the reasons why I was the perfect candidate. After that, I thought about a well-structured personal story that would help me connect the dots and express clearly my interest in the position. I also elaborated on how my personality fits the profile in a way that complements my CV, rather than repeating the same facts. This is also my number one advice to those looking for a job.’

‘In terms of format, I followed similar rules as for my CV – keeping it short, simple and clean. Looking back to the structure of my motivation letter, I included the following parts:



In the end, I would definitely recommend spending a good amount of time on preparing a cover letter for the traineeship. One grammar mistake can literally impact your future career. Don’t forget that caring about how your documents represent you, also shows how much you care about the position you are applying for.’

What are Aleksandar’s tips on interview preparation? You will have to wait for the blog next week.

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