Part 3: How to write a CV to impress

After many hours of job hunting, Aleksandar found out that the traineeship at NN Investment Partners fitted his skills and aspirations best. However, this was just the beginning.

“Knowing what you want to do and having a preferred position in mind has its pros and cons.”, says Aleksandar, “For instance, this thought motivates you to do your utmost to impress recruiters. But, I guess it can also lead to great disappointment when you are not invited for an interview for your dream job.”

“When I am working towards something, I always give it my all. That is why, I made sure that both my skills and aspirations are well represented in the very first document that a recruiter sees – my CV.”

“I have always made sure that this document is regularly updated. Every time I applied for a position I reviewed the contents, in order to ensure its relevance to the job I was applying for. Here are my three rules for a good CV:

  • Keep it short: One page was enough space for me to showcase the main highlights of my background. When my CV is part of a great number of applications, I had to consider a format which is recruiter-friendly. In other words, not to bore recruiters with information, but trigger their interest to ask more questions about me (which is often done in the first interview 🙂 ).
  • Keep it simple: In terms of content, there was no need to list all my university courses or all my student jobs, because not all of them were relevant to illustrate my relevant knowledge and skills.
    In terms of layout, I am also a strong believer that a CV needs to be efficient – just black and white (which is printer-friendly); and same font face and size used throughout the text (excluding my name on the top of the document, which was four times bigger in size). Also, using a simple chronological structure makes the document easy to read.
  • Keep it clean: Grammar is a no-brainer. My CV has to be flawless, because it represents me as a professional. When doubting about something, I found it most useful to ask a friend to proofread my CV. In the end, this was a representative document where I was already able to showcase my characteristics, such as diligence and ability to prioritize information.

Aleksandar's CV components
And one last thing. Keeping it short, meant that I had to remove a lot of information from my CV. In cases when I was questioning whether a certain detail should be included in the text or not, I always asked myself – can this statement be misunderstood or does it give me an advantage next to the other candidates. In the end, I found it important to stand out with my CV, but even more important to stand out for the right reasons – hands-on and no-nonsense attitude, with passion for asset management.”

What was the cover letter that Aleksandar used to complement his CV? You will have to wait for the blog next week.

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