Part 2: The perks of a traineeship

Last week, Aleksandar told us about the beginning of his investment management journey. Armed to the teeth with skills, knowledge and motivation, here is the story of how he experienced his next challenge.

‘I have always considered the process of searching for a job as challenging and exciting. I have literally spent hours and hours, scouting out the best opportunities. There are numerous agencies and job boards that offer you possibilities. Not to mention LinkedIn, where I was able to find a variety of positions within investment management. Thus, you can imagine how time consuming the search was. However, my peers reassured me that I had a certain advantage – I knew the industry in which I want to build a career, I had a preference for working in a large, international organization. Keeping this in mind, naturally my search narrowed down: investment management, and all large international asset managers. After scrolling through the vacancies and discussing my opportunities with fellow graduates, however, I came across my next challenge – choosing between an internship, a traineeship or a starting position…’

What is the difference between the three for a recent graduate?

‘At this point in my life, internship was not an option for me, simply because I already had experienced several of them during my studies’, explains Aleksandar, ‘Besides, graduation from university implied that I had more time to concentrate on finding a full-time position, that would also offer me stable income (finally 🙂 ). On the one hand, I was looking at junior positions available to recent graduates. However, that was an option that I rather kept as plan B, because taking on such a position would have set me on a predetermined path already. And I was not sure which role would fit my skills and aspirations best. Do I want to become an analyst, a sales person or a portfolio manager?

On the other hand, a traineeship programme meant that I would have the chance to experience different roles within the asset management value chain and then ultimately decide where I wanted to build a career. I already knew NN Investment Partners (ING Investment Management at the time) and after discussing it with a friend, I found out they are offering a traineeship opportunity and decided to apply.’


What documents did Aleksandar use for his application at NN IP? Read the next blog in this series to find out!

Curious to know more already? Find more information about the traineeship on our career website and LinkedIn page.

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